Did We Break It?

Yes! Yes, we did.

But you have to break things to make things. (This is what a mate said to his kid recently).

I think it’s genius.

As professional software developers we all advocate the good practise that is test driven development, or the utopia around test-first-development.

But, sometimes a situation arises where you have to be pragmatic. The company’s survival depends on it. Maybe it is that a new customer really urgently needs a feature, and your first pass will work for 80% of cases. Is it good enough? For now, maybe. But tomorrow? Maybe not. You will gain a customer, but break something else. Maybe only in a minor way - fingers crossed, but maybe you break the entire system?! PANIC!

And worse it is usually your most frequent users that encounter this broken system. Damnit. Your fans. You don’t want this. But you don’t have too many resources (or any other developers?) to help. So what to do?

We think we can help at this point. DidWeBreakIt.com will allow you to run a smoke test after a deployment. Just a simple test, that covers a couple of touch points, and gives you the reassurance, and an increased confidence to go ahead and deploy.

We encourage you to sign up now, at DidWeBreakIt.com

In the future we will write an introduction to SeleniumIDE, and also discuss what is the perfect smoke test.

For now, please sign up, and we’ll help at DidWeBreakIt.com